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For tour group
Ine by the sea

Thank you for visiting Ine town.
Ine town was originally a small rural fisherman’s village and therefore the main road is quite narrow.
Please take care if you are traveling via a large bus or vehicle.
Also, please keep in mind that there are few parking lots for large buses.
For lunch, there are few restaurants so please check your plan in advance.

Information for Tour group
~Before you go~

About parking lots

Parking lot Information

The following 3 parking lots are for large vehicles and buses:

  • “Ine Bay Seightseeing Ferry”(伊根湾めぐり遊覧船)※Only customers for riding the Inewan-meguri Sightseeing Boat
  • “Road side station Funaya no sato Ine”(道の駅舟屋の里伊根)※free
    〇Located on the hillside near Funaya No Sato Ine. Several buses can park here.
  • “Ineura parking lot”(伊根浦公園大型バス駐車場)※There is a fee
    〇There are 2 bus parking spots available. However, 2 buses cannot park at the same time because the spots are narrow.
    Parking fee: 2,000 yen /2hour. Add +1,000 yen/hour. ※Reservation is required.
    Only unloading/reloading: 1,000 yen (Includes unloading and reloading)
    For more details and reservation, please check the map below:

TEL 0772-32-0277 FAX 0772-32-0773

For restaurants

Restaurants for group tours.

There are restaurants available for group tours.
Please call them directly to make a reservation.

Around the Funaya area




Around Ine town



Ineura Parking lot inquiry form


    Prefer make a reservation the parking lot for large vehicles and buses(required)

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