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Things to do
Ine Tourist Information

To those visiting Ine for the first time:

Before visiting, you may think that Ine’s only attractive point is the Funaya, such as enjoying a walk around the Funaya area or viewing the Funaya from the platform. Sightseeing boats are also available and you can enjoy the Funaya scenery from the seaside like a fisherman.
There are lots of things to do in the Funaya area.
Ine town is not only Funaya, but also there are lots of things to do and see. For example, you can visit Urashima Shrine, which has a strong relationship with the famous Japanese biography, “Urashimatarou”. You can also go sea kayaking in the beautiful coast or have a lunch just in front of the sea, tasting seasonal local fishes called “Gyokoumeshi”.
This page will show you how to enjoy Ine Town.

Things to do
Before you go

Enjoy beautiful funaya


Enjoy funaya scenery close up

Ineura Park

Ineura Park is located in center of the Funaya area. Here you can go to the Ine Tourist Information building. Also there are several café and tea shop, and restaurants. You can enjoy funaya sceneries having coffee.
Coin parking is available. Please be noted that almost all funaya are private houses so do not enter without permission.
If you would like to see it, please solicitate a walking guided tour.

How to come

Please get off bus stop “INE”(伊根)

Bus timetable

Parking lot : [Ineuraparking] or [shichimensanparking] are available

Parking location


Enjoy viewing from observatory

Roadside station FunayanosatoIne

Road side station FunayanosatoIne is located on the hill, so you can enjoy funaya scenery from observatory. And here you can buy seasonal local fish

How to come

Please get off bus stop at “Funayanosatokouenmae”(舟屋の里公園前)

Bus timetable

Parking lot : [Funaya no sato Ine parking lot]

Parking location


A View of the Funaya from the Sea

The Funayas were originally constructed as garages that were used to store fishermen’s wooden boats. Please enjoy the view of the Funayas from the water, as it is a totally different experience!
There are two types of boat tours available:
1) Sea taxis can hold 10 to 20 passengers. They are operated by local fishermen, so the experience is slightly more personalized. If you would like to book a tour, please visit the Ine Tourism Center and the staff can help you arrange the details.
2) The Ine Bay Sightseeing Ferry can hold 150 passengers, and runs every 30 minutes.

Sea taxi

There are currently 3 boats available. It costs 1,000 yen/person(tax included). The tour is around 30 minutes.There is no need to make a prior reservation, so please visit the Tourism Center once you arrive in Ine and the staff can help you book a tour.
The boarding point is Shichimensan parking lot.

Sea Taxis


Please get off at the “Ine”(伊根) bus stop

Bus timetable

Please use the parking lots [Ineura parking lot] or [Shichimensan parking lot].

Parking lot location

Ine Bay Seightseeing Ferry

It costs 800 yen/person(tax included). The tour is around 25 minutes. The ferry can hold 150 passengers at a time.
Please check this page for more details

Ine Bay Sightseeing Ferry

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Please get off at the “Inewanmeguri Hide”(伊根湾めぐり日出) bus stop

Bus timetable

Please use the private parking lot next to Ine Bay Sightseeing Ferry

Parking lot location

Other things to do


Other points of interest besides the Funayas

Urashima Shrine

There are many points of interest in Ine besides the Funaya. One of the most notable is Urashima Shrine, which is one of the oldest and most legendary Urashima shrines in Japan, located only 15 minutes from the Funaya area. The legend of Urashima Taro is written in Japan’s oldest historical record.
Near the shrine, you can visit the waterfall “Nunobiki no Taki,” which is only visible after heavy rains.
Also near the shrine, you can find the entrance to the secret tunnel which Urashima Taro is believed to have used to return from the kingdom of the sea.
There is an Italian restaurant next to Urashima Shrine named “PIENO Ine,” that serves pasta and drinks.


Please get off at the “Urashima Jinja Mae”(浦嶋神社前) bus stop

Bus timetable

Please use the private parking lot next to Urashima shrine

Parking lot location


Sea kayaking activity in Honjo beach

Honjohama beach, which has an area for swimming, is 3 minutes from Urashima Shrine by car. Please note that Funaya area does not allow swimming.
We also strongly recommend going on a sea kayaking tour in this area, as you can enjoy a view of the cliffs that is normally hidden from tourists. Please contact the Tourism Center for details. Let’s explore together!


Please get off at the “Urashima Shrine Mae”(浦嶋神社前) bus stop. Please note that reaching the beach takes 15 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

Bus timetable

Please use the parking lot [Honjyohama beach parking lot]. It costs 1,000 yen per each car.

Parking lot location



One of the famous restaurants in Ine is “Gyokoumeshi”. You can enjoy a freshly caught seasonal fish plate while taking in beautiful views from their terrace. Please note that the portions at the restaurant are quite large, and there is usually a line on weekends. The restaurant is open only on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and holidays from April to the beginning of October. For more details, please check out their website.


Please get off at the “Kamanyu”(蒲入) bus stop

Bus timetable

Please use the parking lot next to the restaurant.

Parking lot location

Frequently Asked Questions
Please check below

Questions and Answers

Q.Where are there parking lots in Ine?

A.There are 4 parking lots in Ine. Please check for more details below
(Please check the page “Tour group” for information about parking lots for large vehicles.

Q.How can I make reservations in Ine?

A.There are about 30 accommodations in Ine. To make a reservation, please click the “Accommodations” tab on our website.

For room availability, please check each hotel’s home page.
If you can’t find a website for the hotel you would like to stay in, please submit an inquiry form and our staff will reply to you within a week.

Q.How can I find restaurants in Ine?

A.For information about restaurants in Ine, please click the “Eat and Drink” tab on our website.
There are a few restaurants in Ine, so we recommend you consult our website before you go.

Q. How can I rent a bicycle?

A.You can use the Ine tourism bikes for free without any reservation.There are 5 cycle points in Ine. The 5 points are [Inewanmeguri cruise ferry],[Ineura park],[Ine Post Office], [Road side station Funayanosato Ine], and [Funayabiyori]. Please note that the docking stations may be empty if others are already using the bikes. You can return the bikes to any docking station.

Bicycle point map
You can also ride an electric bicycle for a fee. For more details, please check the “Activities” tab.
Electric bicycle reservation page

Q.How can I use a credit card in Ine?

A.Only a few stores and restaurants accept credit cards, so it would be better to bring cash. There is an ATM in the Ine Post Office.

Q.Where can I swim in Ine?

A. Swimming is prohibited in the Funaya area. However, both Tomari beach and Honjyohama beach have swimming areas.
It takes 10 minutes by car from the Funaya area to Tomari beach and 15 minutes to Honjyohama beach.

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