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To Ine’s visitors
Ine by the sea

Dear tourists

Ine is a town with a population of about 2,100 (The second smallest population in Kyoto prefecture). Residents make a living mainly in the fishing and agricultural industry. In Ine, people live in harmony with nature through a simple lifestyle. Ine Funayas (boat houses) are still used as private homes, even today. Therefore, in order not to bother resident’s private life, without permission, please do not enter Funaya. Your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Ine Funaya is not
a historic site.

Ine Funaya is not a historic site. It is a living place for fisherman and resident. Nowadays, Funaya is still being used as a living space. Funaya, brimming with life, becomes unique scenery in Ine. The traditional charm of Funaya is retained. This is the reason why Funaya has been able to lie by the Ine bay till now. It is recommended to chill around Funaya area and feel the charm.

Ine Funaya is
a personal property.

Not only Ine Funaya is a personal property, but also is the main house opposite to Funaya. Hence, without permission, please do not enter personal property. Please be noted that in Japan whoever breaks into and enters others’ property unlawfully could be sentenced to up to 3 year imprisonment or fined JPY100,000 in accordance with the provision of Article 130 of unlawful entry.

Please protect
resident’s privacy.

Residents have been living in the boat house and main house. On Sunny day, they usually hang on the laundries on the side of sea at the boat house. Please avoid taking pictures or videos of their daily life. If you would like to do it, asking their permission in advance would be proper.

be quiet.

Fishermen, living at Ine boat house area, go to catch fish in the dawn, so they get used to go to bed very early in the evening. Please keep quiet in public, especially at late night and early morning. Furthermore, please turn off the engine even the car is left in the town-run parking lot.

Please watch
out for vehicle.

The main road around Funaya area is very narrow. Two cars at the same time cannot go through. In spite of its narrowness, the road is the only way for residents and bus. Therefore, please park your car in the town-run parking lot. Do not park on personal lands.

Protect the
beautiful environment.

Shore and sea around Funaya area are regularly cleaned by residents and local enterprises. Please help to keep the place clean by taking your trash back when you leave.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.
Let us make efforts to keep the charm of Ine town and Ine Funaya together.

About the reguration of swimmer and pleasure boat around the Kyoto Prefecture

平The reguration of swimmer and pleasure boat around the Kyoto Prefecture have enforced on 1st of May,2014 which is for the protect water accidents.

About Swimming area

  • Do not enter with boats to Swimming area except for lifeaving.
  • Do not get close to swimmers. Your boats may terrify them.
  • swimmers do not swim drinking alcohol. or do not if you have a some problem.

About hundling pleasure boat in the sea.

※In this sentence Please boat mean “Personal Water Craft” “Motor boat” “Yacht” “Sailboat” “surfboard” or marine vesseles used as Sports.

  • Please navigate peacefully to prevent water accidents if you go through narrow water channel or get close to private houses.
  • You have to pay the fine or receive a punishment if you violate the reguration.

Let’s try to keep the sea safely.

or the Anglers

For the Angers , Kayakers and so on

There are many trashes arong the shore in Ine town in recent years such a prastic bags for fishing feed , fishing line, plastic bottle etc.
And also some people park a car in private area or on the road. Please follow the rule.
And please be notice that there is no space that allowed lower the boat along the Ine bay.

September 5, 2017

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