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Japanese Oyster『Natsumi』

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This page was updated on February 3rd, 2021.

Refined and mild taste

Ine oyster is known as sea milk, is grown in Ine Bay. It grow up in the beautiful sea water of Ine.

  • Same taste with the nature one.
    The water of Ine Bay is very beautiful and clean so that is bring up with great environment and it is same taste with natural one.
  • Grow up over 3 year's
    It takes 3 years to reach the size of being a qualified product. The large ones can be over 500g.
  • You can have the original taste of raw oyster without having to worry about the food safety in Ine.
    A sterilized seawater device has been introduced so that the oysters from Ine can be eaten raw. If Ine oysters landed in a sterilized seawater device are immersed for 24 to 48 hours, they can be shipped for raw consumption.
  • Ine Oyster season is normally from the end of April to the Middle of August
  • nameJapanese Oyster『Natsumi』
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