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Private fishing boats in Ine town

Please note that we do not guarantee the quality of service.
This page was updated on February 3rd, 2021.

    Here is local fishing boats that guide you to the best fishing points by the local fishermen.

  • Hakuhoumaru(珀宝丸)
    Phone: +81-90-1443-2279 Taobao homepage
  • Bentenmaru(辨天丸)
    Phone:+81-772-32-0667 Nagitenmaru homepage
  • Maruichimaru(まるいち丸)
    Phone: +81-772-32-0608 Maruichi homepage
  • Fish Hunter(フィッシュハンター)
    Phone: +81-90-8982-5842 Fish Hunter homepage

    * Please contact directly to owners for more details such as fees, extended fees, rental goods,bait, and request of ice.

namePrivate fishing boats in Ine town
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