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Ine handmade soba "Kochi"

いねてうちそば こち
Please note that we do not guarantee the quality of service.
This page was updated on January 29th, 2024.
Handmade soba noodles made with buckwheat flour from Ine Town are served alongside local sake.
On Saturday night, enjoy sake and appetizers.
We look forward to your reservation.

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nameIne handmade soba "Kochi"
address626-0424 553-3 Kameshima, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Business hoursSaturday 11:00-14:00 17:30-21:30
Sunday 11:00-14:00
Closed*Open only on Saturdays and Sundays
Praking lot10 minutes walk from Shichimensan parking lot
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