Ine Town will hold a “Weekday Only! Ine Town Winter Coupon Campaign” for a limited time* from (Tue) 10 Jan to (Mon) 27 Feb 2023.  Enjoy high-quality Ine yellowtail shabu-shabu while gazing at the snowy scenery of Ine Funaya.  It's easy to participate in the campaign! Just stay at the inn in Ine Town as usual during the period.  You don't need to apply in advance; you will receive a coupon when you check-in.  The coupon is worth 2,000 yen per person (1,000 yen x 2) and can be used freely at restaurants, souvenir shops, pleasure boats, etc. in Ine Town until the check-out date.

*The quantity of coupon is limited, so it will end as soon as the coupon run out before (Mon)27 Feb.
Campaign date

Weekdays from (Tue) January 10 to (Mon) February 27, 2023

(coupons can be used until (Tue) February 28)
*Weekdays are defined as Monday through Friday. (Excluding national holidays))
*However, the campaign will end when the number of coupons distributed reaches the planned number.
Tourist can get coupon

Customers who stay at registered accommodations for this campaign.

A coupon worth 2,000 yen per person per night will be distributed to guests who stay at a registered accommodations in Ine Town on weekdays during the campaign period.
Accommondation list
・You don’t need any apply for join the campaign. Make a reservation inns as usual.
・You can use coupon in registered shops and stores in Ine-town. .
Please note that the campaign will end when the number of coupons distributed reaches the planned number.
・You can use the coupon from Check in date to Check out date.
・This Coupon cannot be exchanged, sold, redeemed for cash, refunded or reissued. Also, No change given.

Ine Town, Kyoto Prefecture, is a small town with a population of about 2,000.
It is not only a fishing town that utilizes funaya houses, but also has a thriving agriculture, and is also a production area of ​​delicious rice (Koshihikari rice produced in Tango).
The charm of this town is the lifestyle that matches the pace of nature. The essence exists in people's lives.
You can experience the charm and uniqueness of the local way of life in harmony with nature.

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After staying at the hotel, you can use coupons to enjoy dishes using plenty of fresh fish and local vegetables unique to Ine, a fishing and agricultural town, at shops and inns where you can enjoy great value and taste. Of course, please spend the best time in a location where time flows slowly.

For inquiries about the campaign, please contact the Ine Town Tourist Information