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Fisherman's inn Shibatasou

漁師のお宿 しばた荘
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An old-fashioned fisherman’s inn in the boathouse town of Ine. Warm and heartfelt hospitality ※You can stay with your pet. (Only one group per day)
TypeFisherman's inn
Address105,Tomari, Yosa-gun Ine-cho, Kyoto
Distance from
Funaya area
15 minutes by car
Fee2 meals(dinner and breakfast)
12,100yen/person/included tax~ ※Fee is depends on the number of customer and cuisine. For more details, please check their website.
Meals2 meals ( dinner and breakfast)
dinner only
breakfast only
no meals

6 room/20 people

Check in/Check out15:00 / ~10:00
Remarks Two mealsDinner onlyBreakfast onlyNo mealsBuri (Nov-Feb)Crab (Nov-Mar)Farm-innChildPetSolo-tripPick-up service (only in Ine Town)Reservation 2 months in advanceReservation 3 months in advanceNo smokingEnglish10,000~15,00015,000~20,000


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