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Ine Bay's Bioluminescent Plankton Watching Boat Tour

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This page was updated on February 16th, 2021.

The Ine Town Tourism Association specially charters a tour boat around the Ine Bay and conducts a tour every year in May to look for the sea jewel "Yakouchu"(meaning "bioluminescent" in Japanese) .

If you can see it shining in the night sea, it will surely remain in your heart as an unforgettable memory of your Ine stay.

What is a bioluminous plankton?

It is a nocturnal plankton, a creature that produces and emits light in the same way as fireflies and deep-sea fish. Because it is a small creature of about 1mm to 2mm, it doesn't look so bright when there are few, but it appears to shine when it is generated in large quantities.

Since it emits light in response to physical stimuli, it appears to shine more brightly at the beach or near a ship. The event will be held in May.

nameIne Bay's Bioluminescent Plankton Watching Boat Tour
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